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Understanding Shopper Innovation at Walmart 

21 Feb 2024

An evaluation of 6 key ecommerce, in-store and delivery technologies unveiled at CES 2024

By Wes Ryan, Mars United Commerce

The marketing community watched fervently last month as Walmart CEO Doug McMillon — during his keynote presentation at the annual CES show in Las Vegas — introduced an Olympian team of technology leaders to share details about the retailer’s artificial intelligence-driven roadmap for the future of shopping.

The breakthroughs unveiled during the presentation boil down to a pair of key themes: improving the act of shopping and reducing friction in the purchase and fulfillment process. The tone of the presentation quite naturally focused on the way these technologies would simplify the shopping experience and, therefore, improve the lives of Walmart’s customers.

But since our mission at Mars United Commerce is to connect those customers with our brand clients in the most effective ways possible, we asked ourselves: How will these innovations impact the future of shopper engagement? This report explores six of the key innovations Walmart introduced at CES from three perspectives: how they impact the shopper, how they impact brand marketers, and what additional enhancements might be around the corner.

Download the report here

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