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Content & Experiences

Ideas That Impact Business & Culture

We believe every brand experience is a commerce opportunity. And every commerce opportunity is a brand experience.

At Mars United℠ Commerce, we ensure that every piece of content is a catalyst for connection and growth. We embody a commerce-first mindset, crafting ideas, experiences, and content that engage the consumer, build the brand, and lead to sales.

We offer a comprehensive creative approach, from the idea through to the smallest execution.

Ratings and reviews

Business-First Ideation

Ratings and reviews

Shopper-First Experiences

Ratings and reviews

Impact-First Content

Brand Activation: Amplifying Impact Across the Commerce Spectrum

Brand Activation is where we develop global, national, and regional commerce platforms and promotions. These bespoke activations span a spectrum of brands and touchpoints, from immersive campaigns to crafted consumer journeys.

Customer-Specific Activation: Tailored Commerce Platforms and Programming

We specialize in curating customer-specific activations that resonate with target audiences and reinforce retailer partnerships. Each activation is meticulously designed to drive engagement and loyalty through tailored experiences.

Production Design: From Concept to Consumer

Our team is adept at transforming creative concepts into consumer-ready realities. With expertise in digital, print, retouching, and versioning, we deliver flawless execution across all media, captivating consumers at every interaction.

Brand & Commerce Content: Crafting Compelling Narratives

We meld creativity with commercial strategy, producing everything from photography and animation to video and 3D content. This visual storytelling engages consumers, guiding them along a journey from discovery to purchase.

Retail & Experiential Design: Immersive Experiences That Captivate

We offer everything from trade show experiences to retail design and event management. We create environments—both physical and digital—that captivate and engage audiences, ensuring every interaction with the brand is memorable.

Commerce Innovation: Pushing the Boundaries of Engagement

We live at the forefront of Commerce Innovation, exploring and mastering the latest in AI, AR, VR, and other emerging technologies. We are committed to innovation and keeping our clients ahead of the curve.

Why Mars UnitedSM Commerce

Content & Experiences?

We deliver commerce-first ideas, experiences, and content that impact business and culture.

Full-Spectrum Creative Services

Seamless, integrated, and expansive creative services.

National Retail Programs

Campaigns that engage consumers at multiple touchpoints.

Brand Content

Services including photography, video, and 3D modeling.

Retail Channel Communication Strategies

Ensuring cohesive messaging across all retail channels.

From shelf to shopper, our exceptional creative process gives us the edge.


We manage brand experiences for the world’s top manufacturers and retailers.


Marilyn® marketing technologies make us faster and more focused.


We own connected experiences from the first concept to the last mile of execution.

Explore some of our transformational campaigns

The integration of Marilyn technology amplifies our content and creative offerings, ensuring each campaign is data-informed and strategically aligned for maximum impact. The insights of Marilyn power our creative process, enabling us to deliver targeted content that connects with shoppers and drives commerce with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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