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Revolutionizing Commerce With Data and Insight

Meet Marilyn

Marilyn is the industry’s premier commerce technology marketing platform. Engineered to drive truth and performance, this revolutionary suite of technologies is the cornerstone of our data-driven decision-making process.

As the great connector of data, intelligence, and results, Marilyn is designed to deliver.

Better Decisions

Marilyn enhances the decision-making process by connecting insights with intelligence across vendor partners, internal client departments, data providers, and customers.

Connected Experiences

Marilyn maximizes shopper engagement and conversion by creating meaningful interactions between the right people, messages, and technologies, and simplifying the path to purchase.

Stronger Results

Marilyn gives marketers a more complete and real-time view of program performance, enabling optimization and driving brand growth across each of our technology suites.

Features & Capabilities

Marilyn sets the standard for excellence in commerce marketing.

Measurement & Intelligence

Our leading Commerce Marketing Mix Model synthesizes truth with performance, offering unmatched clarity into the Total Business Impact of marketing activities.

Ecommerce Insights

Dive into vital metrics across sales, operations, media, digital shelf presence, and Amazon Marketing Cloud, all organized to accelerate decision-making.

Media Management

A centralized hub that ingests, normalizes, and visualizes global campaign data, simplifying the analysis of commerce marketing performance across all vendors.

Vendor Fusion

By merging intelligence with performance data, Marilyn identifies untapped revenue opportunities to provide high-performance activations and personalized shopper experiences.


Marilyn is woven into the fabric of all our services. Whether it’s strategic planning, media management, or digital commerce, the insights of Marilyn are integrated to enhance every solution and optimize every touchpoint.

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