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We can help you grow your retail media network by expanding the value of your data and retail channels and delivering connected experiences for your shoppers and manufacturers.

Whether you are designing your first retail media network or ready to grow your existing network, we can help you turn every interaction into a transaction.


in retail media sales annually


YoY Funding


Vendors Reached
and Engaged


funding increase from net new revenue streams

With years of experience in the retail media space, we have the extensive data and research expertise to help you enhance your performance.

Knowing & optimizing your shopper

  • 1P Data and Identity Solutions
  • Audience Segmentation Strategy and Analysis
  • Omni-Shopper Experience Strategy and Journey Mapping
  • Martech Stack Strategy

Creating & optimizing your ecosystem

  • In-store and Online Shopper Experience
  • Retailer Asset Monetization, Planning and Activation
  • Retailer Corporate Tentpole Concepts and Sales Packaging
  • Marketing Effectiveness Measurement

Why Mars United Commerce

Retailer CX?

As strategic consultants to retailers, our services are designed to flex and support your specific requirements at all levels of engagement.

Retail Media Network Build

We build performance-based solutions that connect your customer and vendor community in a meaningful way.

Retail Media Network Optimization

We optimize performance across data, technology, ad products, media sales, and measurement.

Measurement Effectiveness Marketing

We connect the dots across all your data sources to provide performance metrics for all media and marketing initiatives.

We help your business grow by fueling the development of your retail media network and seamlessly connecting your customer experience ecosystem.

Ratings and reviews

Shopper Intelligence

A comprehensive view of your 1P data, which will drive growth and establish a strong basis for your retail media network.

Ratings and reviews

Shopper Experience

A fully connected, omni-channel shopper experience that will drive sales and traffic for you and potential advertisers.
Ratings and reviews

Shopper Performance

Performance metrics for your retail media network overall and by advertiser against industry-standard KPIs.

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