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Mars United’s Marilyn Launches Game-Changing Commerce Media Tools

An all-new suite of self-serve solutions enhances commerce media measurement and planning capabilities for brands.

Mars United Commerce has announced the launch of its self-service Marilyn Commerce Media Dashboard and Marilyn Commerce Media Benchmark Database products. These advanced tools are, for the first time, directly available for brands who want to take the power of Marilyn into their own hands to evaluate the impact of their retail media activity.

To let brands tap into these specialist-level insights, Mars United is unveiling two new self-serve retail media solutions:

  1. The Marilyn Commerce Media Dashboard ingests, normalizes and visualizes all global campaign results in one place, making it easy to analyze and compare Commerce Marketing performance across all vendors. This added layer of transparency enables brands to see results more quickly, allowing them to make smarter, more real-time decisions.
  2. The Marilyn Commerce Media Benchmark Database lets brands benefit from data across thousands of past campaigns to visualize the impact of their commerce marketing investments and derive benchmarks at the retailer, category and brand levels. Already available in the U.S., the capability will soon roll out globally.
  3. The Retail Media Report Card delivers a full-market vision across retail media networks to help brands understand and evaluate platform capabilities, new features and offerings, and ways to best optimize spending. After earning high accolades for the Report Card’s initial U.S. version, The Mars Agency has released custom versions for the Australian and European marketplaces as well.

These products work hand-in-hand with Marilyn, the agency’s commerce marketing technology platform, to give brands visibility into the Total Business Impact of their activity. And, as It turns out, this deeper visibility pays off: After evaluating 20,000 campaigns, Mars United learned that clients who utilize Marilyn insights to optimize investments were able to improve their commerce media performance by an average of 21% year-over-year.

With 35+ years of specialist experience, Mars United has doubled down on commerce media to become a significant beneficiary of industry momentum. The company has seen monumental growth in the past 10 months alone – with nearly $1.2 billion in commerce media spend currently planned and/or executed. Year-to-date commerce media billings have risen 59%.

“As investments in the retail media space continue to grow, brands are scrutinizing measurement more than ever, spurring an evolution and proliferation of best practices,” said Ethan Goodman, SVP of Media for Mars United. “Bringing transparency, better measurement, and deeper insights directly to brands puts our client partners in the driver’s seat to guide programs that can respond to specific market opportunities that will impact their business.”

“Excelling at retail media requires a partner that knows both retail and media. We know retail. It’s in our heritage as a Shopper Marketing agency. And with 100+ experts focused exclusively on retail media, we know every retailer media network, and we know how to connect digital and physical experiences to drive conversion,” said Katrina Smart, Commerce Media Director in Europe.

“Our global brand partners now have the ability to be as embedded as we are with every retailer media network, enabling them to instantly connect digital and physical experiences and drive conversion,” said Sally Tobin, Managing Director of The Mars Agency in Australia. “In turn, we can forge valuable strategic partnerships with brands on our platform that will yield even stronger results.”

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About Mars United Commerce
Mars United Commerce is an independently owned global commerce marketing practice that aligns people, technology, and intelligence to make the business of our clients better today than it was yesterday. Our worldwide capabilities coalesce into four key disciplines — Strategy & Analytics, Content & Experiences, Digital Commerce, and Retail Consultancy — that individually deliver unmatched results for clients and collectively give them an unparalleled network of seamlessly integrated functions across the entire commerce marketing ecosystem. These disciplines are powered by our industry-leading technology platform, Marilyn®, which helps marketers understand the total business impact of their commerce marketing activation, enabling them to make better decisions, create connected experiences, and drive stronger, measurable results. Learn more at

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