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The Mars Agency Makes Inc. Magazine’s Annual List of Best Workplaces for 2023

9 May 2023

DETROIT, Michigan, May 9, 2023 – With an ever-evolving media landscape and the competitive nature of a creative industry, The Mars Agency continues to find ways to attract and keep their world-class talent happy and thriving.

The agency was named today to Inc. magazine’s annual Best Workplaces list. Featured in the May/June 2023 issue, which hits newsstands on May 16, and prominently showcased on, the list is the result of a comprehensive measurement of American companies that have excelled in creating exceptional workplaces and company culture.

This marks the second time this year The Mars Agency has been recognized by a leading publication for their exemplary culture. The agency was also named to Ad Age’s 2023 list of the Best Places to Work in January.

“We’re all working in support of the same mission: to make our clients’ business better today than it was yesterday. And we’re better equipped to help our clients win when we help each other win. We’ve found employees most receptive and productive when we give them the freedom and flexibility to work how they work best,” says Rob Rivenburgh, Global CEO. “Our ultimate goal is creating an employee experience and environment where they can thrive and grow professionally while having the necessary balance for themselves and their families.”

Finding a Better Way
The company has created an environment of trust and empowerment, giving employees the ability to do their job when and where they’re most productive. That includes unlimited PTO, work-from-anywhere policies and log-off principles where management encourages teams to keep Fridays free of meetings and focus on deep work.

A truly supportive environment means that peers—and managers—genuinely care about each other’s well-being. The agency recognized a trend towards work-life “blend” and continues to add to its generous holistic benefits. From one-on-one professional coaching to guided meditation classes to family tutoring and child/elder care services, the list continues to grow.

“Both the larger organization and my immediate team go to great lengths to ensure that I am cared for and appreciated as both an employee and an individual. They prioritize the professional and personal needs of each person, which truly creates a healthy and happy work environment,” as one employee stated in the anonymous survey collected by Quantum Workplace.

Cultivating a Place Where Martians Thrive
The Mars Agency rallies around a simple purpose: growth for its people, clients and communities. Its inclusive employee-centric culture is continually shaped by its Martians. The agency has shaped an environment where every individual can achieve their greatest potential through:

● An employee-led Multicultural Advisory Committee that educates Martians on culturally relevant topics and how they apply to our work and industry

● Employee-led discussions for creating a more inclusive workplace

● Company-wide training and development programs that allow individuals to continually hone their craft

● Bi-weekly company-wide Zoom calls that celebrate employees and their accomplishments along with the company’s progress

This continuous transparency makes everyone feel connected.

“I have never, in my 15+ years in marketing, worked for a company that communicates as often and as effectively to their employees as The Mars Agency. As employees, we feel included and valued. It is so incredible knowing that leadership in your company cares about you as an individual and encourages a healthy work-life balance,” stated another employee.

Uplifting Global Communities
“With locations around the world, we’re fortunate to be a part of and get involved in many communities,” says Kerry Shaw, SVP of People & Culture and a 25-year veteran of The Mars Agency. Ten years ago, the company “started small” with a simple goal of spreading kindness by giving back to the communities in which we live. Today, our Start Small initiative gives employees multiple ways to get involved and contribute to the agency-wide community service goal of 4,000 hours annually: personal volunteer days, quarterly office donation drives, Martian Sabbaticals, and Global Citizenship Day. Shaw shares, “We believe that when our communities are thriving, so can we.”

Above all, The Mars Agency culture supports professionals with a desire to do good and be good at what they do, both at work and in their personal lives.

“Being named to Best Workplaces is an honor that only a small fraction of companies have been able to claim,” says Inc. editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk. “Proving to the world that you’re a magnet for talent and have a culture that keeps teams engaged, productive, and proud to come to work is a truly remarkable achievement.”

“I’m so grateful for our employees and their engagement,” Rivenburgh explains. “We’ve been named among the top workplaces because of them—they’re shaping our culture of growth. I am thrilled and honored to work with them every day.”

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