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Talking Retail Media at Groceryshop

7 Sep 2022

Retail media is a topic that continues to trend upward. And it’s no wonder. Retail media can be one of the most effective methods of shopper engagement and sales conversion available in today’s marketplace.

However, there is plenty of opportunity for brands to spend poorly and miss opportunities by allocating dollars to platforms or programs that won’t meet their direct needs or don’t measure up to industry standards. We’ve been tracking this closely and have teams dedicated to partner with specific networks and stay at the forefront of these ever-evolving opportunities.

Ethan Goodman heads up our Commerce Media practice at The Mars Agency and knows well the careful scrutiny that’s needed to develop an effective retail media network strategy.

Join us at Groceryshop to dive into this important facet of commerce marketing. Ethan will take the stage alongside Emily Frankel, SVP, Head of eCommerce Marketing at PepsiCo and Kristi Argylian, SVP of Retail Media at Albertsons Companies to discuss how brands should evaluate retail media offerings. Which criteria should brands use? How do brands know which offerings are right for them and just how much to invest towards each? Plus, how can Retail Media Networks do better?

Ethan’s session is on Day 4 of the conference. Save “Developing an Effective Retail Media Network StrategySeptember 22 at 10:10 AM in the Groceryshop App.

Get your questions ready and hope to see you there! We’d love to connect IRL at Groceryshop or virtually. Reach out here to meet with Ethan and see how we can help you with your Retail Media strategy.

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