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Retail Media Report Card: Canada, 1st Edition

For the first time, Mars United Commerce expands its industry-leading assessment of retail media network capabilities north of the border.


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 The retail media marketplace continues to GROW: Insider Intelligence expects global ad spending to grow 22% this year and 18.5% in 2025 to reach $165.9 billion — and command 22% of all digital ad outlays worldwide. Spending in Canada is projected to jump 52% to $3.8 billion in the same period to account for 23% of all digital ad dollars.

More importantly, the marketplace continues to IMPROVE, as competition among an increasing number of networks and, more notably, feedback from brand advertisers, is driving the enhancements needed to deliver better opportunities and stronger results.

With Insider Intelligence expecting brand budgets to double by 2027, and with Canadian retailers aggressively building out their capabilities to capture that spending, the time is right to begin exploring the opportunities available for brand advertisers across the Canadian retail media landscape.

To help our clients efficiently evaluate spending opportunities across networks, Mars United Commerce created a Retail Media Health Scorecard to track the capabilities of leading networks across the key criteria that advertisers need to optimally plan, execute, and measure retail media activation.

This general framework for network scorecarding is customized for each of our clients to reflect their unique business objectives, budgets, performance expectations, and retail partnership priorities. Internally, we continuously update the information to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving capabilities of existing networks and the ongoing launch of new platforms across the retail landscape.

To help the industry at large gain a better understanding of the opportunities available, and to encourage the development of evaluation standards that might ultimately improve both the collaborative process and overall network effectiveness, Mars United Commerce has been publicly sharing a Retail Media Report Card that presents the foundational scorecarding elements of our evaluation process. We began by covering the U.S. marketplace in fall 2022, and have since rolled out reports for Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and now, Canada.

We hope you enjoy this first edition of our Retail Media Report Card: Canada, which we plan to release quarterly with coverage of additional platforms, evaluation of new capabilities, and ongoing updates to each network’s profile. And we welcome your feedback on how to improve future editions.

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