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Path to Purchase Institute’s Retail Media Summit

Tackle Your Toughest Measurement Challenges

We’re headed to Path to Purchase Institute’s Retail Media Summit to share frameworks and best practices on retail media, commerce marketing measurement, and contextual commerce.

If you’re a member of the Retail Media Guild, join Prabh Sidhu on Wednesday, June 26, to participate in a measurement workshop. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders to discuss marketing mix models, aggregate versus tactical KPIs, and common pitfalls to setting up a proper measurement practice. If you’re not a member and still want to connect on these important aspects of analytics, fill out the form and we’ll set up time.

And on Thursday, June 27, Julia Miller will discuss how and why contextual commerce is a key alternative to a cookie-less future. You’ll learn the core principles to planning and building a connected commerce plan that involves this growing form of media.

Sign up to meet with commerce marketing measurement & analytics expert Prabh Sidhu or media expert Julia Miller at the conference.


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