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Midnight Musings About ChatGPT

26 Jan 2023

By Brian Higdon, The Mars Agency

Help! ChatGPT has taken over a whole lot of my free time.

So when I was thinking the other day of use cases for ChatGPT within retail and consumer goods, I naturally asked ChatGPT, and it said:

  • Customer service & chatbots
  • Order tracking
  • Product search & recommendations
  • Personal shopping assistant.

Those are all good, but obvious, use cases. So I pushed ChatGPT out to its farthest boundaries with several rounds of “Keep going. What are futuristic, crazy edge cases?” And here’s what it came back with:

  • Virtual reality personal shopping
  • Brain-computer interface shopping
  • Robot-assisted in-store shopping
  • Holodeck-style retail experience
  • Teleportation shopping
  • Mind-reading technology
  • AI-generated product designs.

While I’m intrigued (and slightly creeped out) by the concepts of mind-reading technology and brain-computer interface shopping, it sure is fun to imagine the future — especially with an AI brainstorm buddy named ChatGPT.

Here are a few more possible use case cases — off of the top of my own head:

  • The honest assessment assistant (“How do these pants really fit?”)
  • Next-gen product recommendations, based on all known consumer preferences, tastes and health needs.
  • Authenticated rating & reviews — although this tech could also easily be used for fake reviews; we’ll need to police that as an industry.

What other use cases can you see in retail and consumer goods? If you can’t think of any, just try asking ChatGPT.


About the Author
As SVP-Customer Development, Brian Higdon leads all of The Mars Agency’s grocery channel activity and serves as GM of the Cincinnati office, guiding a team of shopper marketing experts driving growth, ROI and strategic engagement with retailers for our key clients. Prior to joining Mars in 2018, Brian led an independent cross-functional team of consultants and analysts dedicated to the creation of new retail formats and market-winning strategies.

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