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Retail Media Report Card Deep Dive

Recorded April 16, 2024 | 11AM PT / 2PM ET

Retail media is now universally recognized not only as a uniquely essential method of commerce marketing but also an effective vehicle for any form of brand marketing. As the list of potential network partners continues to grow, brands have an array of choices about where and how to spend their money — and since budgets aren’t growing along with the opportunities, they’re scrutinizing their options closely. In response, networks are working to earn those dollars by improving their capabilities and developing unique points of differentiation.

Watch the experts at The Mars Agency on April 16th as we take a deeper dive into our latest Retail Media Report Card, a universal tool for the effective assessment and comparison of retail media platforms. Along with the Report Card, this deep dive will help brand marketers understand how retail media can best be leveraged to drive incremental growth, what capabilities leading retailers are bringing to the table, and where they should make investments to optimize success.

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About Line
Andy Howard Headshot

As the Senior Director of Commerce Media at The Mars Agency, Andy develops media strategies for leading brands across national and regional grocers. He has two decades of experience in shopper marketing and commerce media, helping brands develop strategies and practices to win with both shoppers and retailers. Andy has a passion for empowering brands with innovative thinking, inspiring holistic planning with retailers, and pushing the limits of measurement.

Kayla Corridon Headshot

Kayla is the Director of Commerce Media at The Mars Agency, leading the Amazon and On-Demand Delivery media team for top brands. With over a decade in customer strategy and a significant tenure at Amazon, she excels in diverse business landscapes. Kayla’s approach combines data-driven insights and strategic innovation to drive digital marketplace success. Her leadership transforms challenges into growth opportunities, nurturing partnerships that boost brand growth and visibility in the eCommerce landscape.

Katy Jordan Headshot

Katy is the Senior Director of Commerce Media for Walmart & Sam’s Club at The Mars Agency, where she assists brands in navigating the ever-changing world of retail media. Katy has a passion for media strategy and connected commerce, and has spent over 10 years delivering media strategies for brands at Walmart.