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Let’s Talk Real Business Growth at Shoptalk 2024

5 Feb 2024

If CES 2024 was all about how technology can empower people and NRF 2024 all about empowering retailers with tech, Shoptalk 2024 is homing in on how the two intersect.

Our CEO and SMEs in commerce media, customer insights, retailer expertise and relationships, ecommerce, and measurement talked about these issues in our What to Expect post, each sharing where they think retail is headed this year. And then our global experts examined how the two big A’s — AR (augmented reality) and generative AI (artificial intelligence) — might take hold globally.

Now, we’re headed to Shoptalk and want to hear how you are meeting the demands of a changing world and increasingly sophisticated consumers. What are the most pressing challenges for your business this year?

Brand manufacturers, here are some of the ways we’d love to help:

  • Get unbiased evaluations of key RMNs (retail media networks) to help you determine which networks might be best suited for your marketing goals.

  • See how you can measure those investments more effectively and uncover untapped opportunities for customer and sales growth.

  • Understand how to use data to refine your digital strategy.

And retailers, we’ll show you how to:

  • Refine your customer experience (CX) design.

  • Commercialize unique consumer/shopper research and insights.

  • Drive incremental revenue opportunities as well as overall business growth.

Join us in Las Vegas, March 17-20, for actionable ideas on measurement, commerce media, ecommerce and retailer CX solutions to grow your business. Come meet with our key thought leaders and ask all your omni-commerce questions.

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