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How Shoppers Choose Online Grocers

17 Dec 2021

As consumers have shifted to online grocery shopping since the start of the pandemic, they haven’t necessarily stuck with the same retailers where they traditionally make their in-store trips — which, truth to be told, were often selected as much for location as any other factor.

In the world of ecommerce, of course, store location becomes irrelevant to shoppers. So what factors are they using to decide which online retailer to use?

Marilyn® Says: Our most recent Shopper Journey research, good customer service is the most important factor (identified by 31% of shoppers), followed by a pleasant online experience/user interface (30%) and low shipping/delivery costs (28%)

These drivers are slightly different than the ones shoppers use to specifically select on-demand grocery services, where the convenience of home delivery seems to outweigh the additional service fees. But good customer service and a pleasant experience are consistent drivers for both options — as they’ve always been in the brick-and-mortar store as well.

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