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Ecommerce Search Report: Valentine’s Day 2024

An exclusive review of search trends & brand performance on

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Search trends on before Valentine’s Day 2024 again proved that the ecommerce giant — or at least its search algorithm — really likes to spread the love around. In the weeks leading up to Feb. 14, first-page search results for the most common seasonal keywords were dominated by many lesser-known, albeit holiday-relevant, brands across toys, greeting cards, apparel and crafts.

That’s in part because the most common search terms by volume reflect a shopper community looking for general gift ideas for their loved ones rather than focusing on any specific product category or type, with only a few exceptions.

And the brands topping the ranks for organic share of voice, sponsored activity and promotional activity during the period were primarily niche players with Amazon-heavy distribution strategies rather than the well-known national brands that typically dominate commerce marketing elsewhere. While iconic card maker Hallmark, beloved toy brand Lego, and entertainment/licensed product giant Disney were all present, the top ranks were otherwise filled with more obscure names such as:

• Joyin, a toy maker with a holiday/seasonal product slant, 

• AvidLove, provider of romantic sleepwear,

• Ekouaer, a general sleepwear brand, and

• Lovepop, a manufacturer of pop-up 3D greeting cards and gifts.

The following report examines key search trends during the Valentine’s Day seasonal window, when U.S. consumers spent $25.8 billion according to NRF estimates. To schedule a free audit of your own brand’s performance, see the last page of this report.

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