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Clarity in Commerce: Ken Barnett, Part II

Ken Barnett, The Mars Agency’s Executive Chairman, discusses “What’s Next for Commerce Marketing.”

Our industry has faced a great deal of disruption in the last few years: in the way shoppers behave, the way brands engage with shoppers, and the way retailers sell to shoppers.

But just because the chaos of the pandemic is behind us and shoppers have returned to the brick-and-mortar store doesn’t mean the impact of that disruption has subsided — or that more disruption isn’t on the way.

In the latest installment of our “Clarity in Commerce” series, we asked Ken Barnett, Executive Chairman of The Mars Agency, to offer his thoughts on the future direction of commerce marketing and the disruptions he expects the industry to face over the next few years.

Ken helped kick off the series earlier this fall by providing his unique perspective on “What Hasn’t Changed About Commerce Marketing.”

With more than four decades of global marketing and advertising experience, Ken has built The Mars Agency into one of the most dynamic and respected omnicommerce agencies in the world. He also has a history of founding innovative solution providers, such as ecommerce giant Triad Retail Media, social influencer agency Collective Bias, and leading consumer promotions company PrizeLogic.

Ken has long been on the forefront of martech development, and recently brought forward the Marilyn solution platform (named after his mother, The Mars Agency’s founder) to serve as our analytics backbone.

Listen to part two of our interview with Ken Barnett below.

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