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Clarity in Commerce: George Gallate

11 Jan 2023

The global digital marketing expert explains, “What CMOs Still Don’t Understand About Digital Engagement.”

In this installment of our “Clarity in Commerce” series, digital marketing expert George Gallate discusses the impact that retail media is having on the advertising industry, why the classic marketing funnel has never truly explained the path to purchase, and the three fundamental principles CMOs must follow to drive growth in today’s marketplace.

Gallate has more than 30 years of experience building and running successful digital marketing teams across various disciplines around the world.

His many career highlights include 10 years as Global Chairman of the Havas Worldwide Digital agency network, CEO of search agency RKG, and CMO of performance marketing and data agency Merkle. He currently is principal at consultancy MKTG2.U and a board member for multiple marketing companies, including The Mars Agency.

Listen to the interview below.

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