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Clarity in Commerce: Claire Wyatt & Evan Hovorka

22 Mar 2023

In its early stages, what we now call “retail media” was often simply called “” because it literally was confined to the retailer’s own digital domain. And, tactically speaking, media opportunities didn’t deviate much from standard display placement and paid search.

But it didn’t take long for retail media to grow beyond those initial boundaries to encompass a wide variety of venues and media formats that are putting brands in touch with potential shoppers (or even “consumers”) in a variety of engaging ways.

In the latest edition of “Clarity in Commerce,” Evan Hovorka (left) and Claire Wyatt (right) discuss how the year-old Albertsons Media Collective has been moving in both those directions as it works with brand partners to develop a platform that delivers value for advertisers and shoppers.

Wyatt is VP of Business Strategy & Marketing Science at Albertsons Media Collective, where her team is building out innovative, transparent measurement products and advanced audience targeting solutions while also guiding the platform’s overall business strategy.

Hovorka is VP of Product & Innovation, which gives him responsibility for building innovative and profitable marketing technology that will improve the network’s effectiveness for advertisers while enhancing the experience for shoppers.

Both executives previously worked at Target’s Roundel network, which makes them true veterans in the retail media space. (For more about Wyatt and Hovorka, watch their self-introductions below.)

Listen to the interview below.


Listen to the introductions below.

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