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Clarity in Commerce: Chris Drumey

8 Nov 2022

Mars Wrigley’s Global Customer & Shopper Marketing Director discusses best practices for “Innovation in the Store.”

Most of the recent talk about marketing innovation involves digital engagement or alternative fulfillment options. Yet the vast majority of packaged goods sales in every nation around the world still takes place in the physical store, making the need for in-store innovation just as important as ever.

In-store innovation can be particularly challenging for marketers because it needs to work not just for shoppers but for retailers as well — and both the functional requirements and the strategic demands of retailers vary widely from chain to chain, channel to channel, and especially country to country.

In this episode of Clarity in Commerce, The Mars Agency speaks with Chris Drumey, Global Customer & Shopper Marketing Director for Mars Wrigley, who leads the confectionery giant’s store innovation activity around the world from his home base in the UK. A six-year veteran of Mars Wrigley, his overall experience in CPG spans more than 18 years across marketing & ecommerce roles at other blue-chip companies such as Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola

Drumey offers his perspective on best practices in merchandising innovation and shares case studies of three recent programs that sought to solve the functional needs of retailers, the experiential needs of today’s shoppers, and the sustainability needs of the environmentally focused Mars Wrigley organization.

Listen to the interview below.

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