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18 Jan 2022

For years, supermarket operators (and many CPG marketers) scoffed at the idea that shoppers would one day conduct full grocery trips online.

Why? Because discerning shoppers would never buy fresh food without seeing and touching the products themselves — let someone else pick the right head of lettuce or cut of tenderloin for them? Please.

Shoppers, it seems, have become far more trusting than we imagined when conducting their grocery stock-up trips online. How do we know?

Marilyn® Says: According to our most recent Shopper Journey research, online stock-up shoppers are buying fresh meat (purchased by 18% of respondents) and produce (17%) more often than any shelf-stable product category. Coffee/tea was the most common center-store item purchased, (at 15%).

These results suggest not only that shoppers have become more comfortable with shopping online, but that retailers and third-party delivery services have done a good job satisfying their fresh-food expectations. They also give CPG marketers a potential opportunity for cross-category promotions that build baskets and provide meal solutions around these fresh purchases.

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