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C-Store Retail Media Review

3 Apr 2024

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of retail media networks, c-stores have emerged as a unique and powerful channel for brand advertising and consumer engagement. Unlike mass retailers, c-stores offer distinctive shopper touchpoints and shopping experiences that necessitate a specialized evaluation of their capabilities.

The intrinsic characteristics of c-stores — high transaction volume, short trip duration, and heavy impulse buying patterns, to name a few — have given rise to tailored media networks that differ significantly from those of retailers in other channels. And the universal need for personalized and immediate targeting, quick and accurate measurement, diverse media opportunities, cutting-edge innovation, and strategic partnerships plays out differently within the context of the c-store environment.

Because the c-store segment is still new and fragmented, Mars United Commerce’s intention in evaluating three leading retail media networks in the channel differs from the ongoing cross-platform assessment of mass retailers in our Retail Media Report Card. Here, our goal is to provide a glimpse into the current state of the segment, identify potential gaps in capabilities, and spotlight potential priorities as these c-store networks work to expand their offerings and earn greater investments from CPG partners.

This evaluation is designed to examine how effectively c-stores are leveraging their differences to offer unique, robust solutions for brand partners. By isolating c-stores within a focused analysis, we can better understand the specific value they bring to the retail media ecosystem and the untapped potential they hold.

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