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Understanding Retail Media

10 Dec 2021

The Mars Agency’s Ethan Goodman and Colgate-Palmolive’s Diana Haussling help brands navigate the complexities of retail media by providing actionable, how-to recommendations on investing, staffing and funding to optimize this rapidly growing channel for shopper engagement in a presentation from Commerce Week 2021 (hosted by Adweek from Nov. 30-Dec 2).

View the full presentation: (42 minutes)

How Did We Get Here? (13 minutes)

Ethan Goodman, The Mars Agency’s SVP-Media, presents on up-to-the-minute overview of the key events that have shaped the current landscape for retail media. View the discussion:

How Much Should You Invest in Retail Media? (9 minutes)

Diana Haussling, Colgate-Palmolive’s VP–GM of Digital Commerce, discusses the key business factors that brand organizations should consider when determining how much to invest in retail media opportunities. View the discussion:

How Should You Staff/Structure for Retail Media? (11 minutes)

Goodman presents 5 structural models that organizations can adopt to ensure they have the internal tools and transparency needed to optimize their retail media activity. View the discussion:

How Should You Fund Retail Media? (4 minutes)

Haussling explains why brand organizations should abandon their traditional “Trade vs. Shopper vs. Media” mindset and take a “One Budget, One Plan” approach to funding retail media (and everything else). View the discussion:

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