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Retail Media Report Card Heads Down Under

The world of retail is evolving at a rapid pace, with every physical and digital interaction holding the potential for success with shoppers. To help bring clarity to such a dynamic landscape, The Mars Agency has unveiled the Australian edition of the Retailer Media Report Card, a transformative solution that will reshape how marketers, retailers, and shoppers engage with retail media.

The Guiding Light in the Retail Media Maze

As commerce continues to evolve, the Retailer Media Report Card stands as a navigational beacon, shining light on this complex environment. It provides marketers and sales teams with a comprehensive guide to understand and harness the capabilities of diverse retailers. Tailored to Australia’s multifaceted retail market, it delves deep into retail media abilities.

With over 60 criteria, it offers insights beyond the surface for data-driven decisions. It covers five key areas:

  1. TARGETING: Assessing 12 criteria, from audience scale to conquesting opportunities.
  2. MEASUREMENT & REPORTING: Focusing on 10 criteria, from programmatic sales measurement to custom analysis.
  3. MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES: Reviewing 21 touch points, from on-site search to in-store radio.
  4. INNOVATION: Evaluating 8 criteria, from testing to AR/VR implementation.
  5. PARTNERSHIP: Analyzing 9 criteria, from training programs to JBP opportunities.

A Cross-Continental Review

This inaugural edition examines the Australian and U.S. retail media markets. Born in North America, ad spending through retail media networks could reach $130 billion by 2025. The report highlights growth potential in Australia and strategies from Coles and Albertsons in the U.S.

We selected Coles 360 for our Australian spotlight edition of the Retail Media Report Card due to their fast progression since launch in 2022, and as evidenced in our report, 360 are quickly catching up to the benchmark’s set by leading bricks and mortar and players on the global stage.

Sally Tobin, Managing Director (XPO: The Mars Agency)

Empowering Decision Makers for Success

Following the 2022 launch of our U.S. report, the Australian Edition empowers retail media innovation and deeper connections with Aussie shoppers. Regular updates ensure marketers access the latest insights for informed choices. You can download the report here.

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