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Retail Media Report Card: 3Q 2023

5 Sep 2023

Mars United Commerce presents a universal tool for the effective assessment and comparison of retail media platforms.

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Welcome to the fourth edition of the Mars United Commerce Retail Media Report Card.

To help our clients efficiently evaluate their spending options across the expanding and evolving landscape of retail media networks, Mars United developed a scorecard that assesses the capabilities of leading platforms across the key criteria required to optimally plan, execute and measure effective programs. We use this scorecard — alongside broader assessments of each network’s role in the overall brand-retailer partnership — to help clients begin identifying “best bet” investments for their media dollars.

To encourage the development of industry standards for effective evaluation that can improve the collaborative process between retailers and brands, Mars United is sharing an abridged version of this scorecard publicly each quarter.

The latest edition of this Retail Media Report Card evaluates 14 leading platforms across 65 criteria in five critical performance areas: Audience Targeting, Measurement & Reporting, Media Opportunities, Innovation, and Partnership. Coverage includes one-page profiles of each network to add greater context to the evaluations.

We also identify a “Best in Class Market Leader” to recognize a retail media platform that has made significant strides toward delivering the industry-leading capabilities that brands need to build effective media campaigns. After identifying Amazon as our first honoree in the last report, we this time hand the (virtual) trophy to another network (but you’ll need to download the report to find out who).

In other news, we recently launched an Australian version of the Report Card to help guide retail media innovation in that rapidly growing marketplace.

We hope you enjoy our latest Retail Media Report Card.

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