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Prepping for Prime Day

A three-phase plan for indirectly capitalizing on Amazon’s blockbuster annual sales event.

Amazon Prime Day is often called the Super Bowl of Ecommerce for the massive attention that it receives: 68% of U.S. consumers recently told Jungle Scout that they’re “likely” to shop during this year’s event.

Numerous brands and sellers have again officially partnered with Amazon to run share of voice or contextual targeting packages during the event, which will be held July 11-12.

However, any brand that sells on Amazon can take advantage of Prime Day’s unrivaled traffic numbers by making simple, yet impactful, adjustments to their typical activity on the platform.

The Mars Agency works with our clients to execute a three-phase strategic plan that encompasse pre-event preparation, event-day optimization, and post-event re-engagement that will get them in front — and into the carts — of both existing shoppers and new targets.

1. Pre-Event: Get Noticed. Drive discovery and stand out amidst the noise by focusing on your top ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) with coupon offers and spotlighted product reviews.

  • Leading up to Prime Day, increase your daily ad budget by 2-4x, and extend the spend to remain live through the event.
  • Identify your low- and high-performing products, then ensure that your bids and budgets are prepared appropriately.

Optimize Your Brand Store. Prepare for the surge of deal-seeking shoppers by highlighting promoted products and featured offers in the two weeks leading up to the event.

  • Add deal pages/sub-pages to the featured product selections in the Store’s homepage navigation to encourage basket-building. Page recommendations: Featured Deals, Product Collections, Seasonal/New Releases.
  • Use Store insights (like sales and traffic sources) to optimize your ad campaigns.
  • Optimize the Store to include at least four of the following high-value content widgets: shoppable image, video, 3+ pages, homepage page navigation.

2. During Peak Event: Amplify. Increase your presence when more shoppers are ready to buy, targeting those who are considering your products or similar items.

  • Drive product and deal discovery by allocating 10% of your investment to Sponsored Brand Video and Sponsored Brand Ads, presenting deals on top ASINs to drive interest among relevant shoppers.
  • Refocus product targeting on competitive ASINs instead of high-volume keywords to minimize competition and reach more shoppers.

3. Post-Event: Follow the Opportunities. Two weeks after the event, assess campaign performance to understand what worked, and use those insights to optimize future loyalty campaigns.

  • Leverage relevant tactics to boost overall sales and new-to-brand shoppers by retargeting Product Detail Page visitors who didn’t buy during the event.


The Mars Agency’s Ecommerce team knows that succeeding through online marketplaces requires quality content, winning the search algorithm, and a whole lot more. Our experts take clients to a new level of success by providing end-to-end business management, including operations, advertising, and digital shelf optimization. Using the agency’s proprietary data platform, our Digital Shelf Studio creates, enhances and optimizes client activity across the ecommerce landscape, helping them beat the competition and convert shoppers. To learn more, contact Kristin Wall at [email protected].

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