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Global Commerce Trends 2023

17 Jan 2023

Brands and retailers must strike the right balance for engagement to reach more selective shoppers. Seven universal trends that will impact commerce marketing in 2023.

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Consumers have learned the hard way, through the lingering COVID crisis and the looming recession, that they now have more options on where to shop, what to buy and how to receive their orders than they ever imagined.

They’ve also learned that they very much like this situation, which means they have no intention of ceding control of their purchase journey back to retailers and brands.

And that has made shoppers more selective. They’ve returned to the physical store, but they’re still shopping online. They’ve changed brands and retailers, but found new reasons for staying loyal to their new favorites. They’re spending more cautiously, but still finding ways to buy the items they want.

For brands and retailers, shopper engagement has become a balancing act that requires them to be present wherever, whenever and however shoppers might need them. Because if they aren’t, someone else most certainly will be.

Using our proprietary Shopper Journey research, which surveyed over 14,000 shoppers from around the globe about their shopping habits across 34 categories, Mars United Commerce has identified the following seven shopper trends that should be guiding brand strategy in 2023.


1. COVID Gone. Recession On?
2. Quick Commerce Stays the Course
3. Community in Mind, Spirit, Body
4. Recommerce Is a Good Fit
5. In-Store Is ‘In’ Again
6. Digital Shopping Deepens
7. It’s All the Same to Shoppers


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About Mars United Commerce
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