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Giving Thanks for New Talent

13 Dec 2022

With the season of giving upon us, The Mars Agency is thrilled to be receiving a wealth of new talent!

Joining our Customer Development ranks are:

  • Kimberly Jordan as Senior Account Executive on the AB InBev business to work with Walmart and On-Premise accounts.
  • Max Hui (at right) as Senior Account Executive on the Target team. to work on the BlueTriton and Mars Wrigley businesses.
  • Alyssa Leonowicz as Manager for Small Format accounts for AB InBev.
  • David Kashubin as Manager for Walmart on BlueTriton.
  • Sam Pittman as Senior Manager on the AB InBev team for Large format retailers.
  • Marta Hall as Director, focusing on Regional Grocery for BlueTriton.

Bolstering our Client Leadership teams are Kyle Cullam as Senior Account Executive on Mars Wrigley and Adrianne Quarry as Senior Director on BlueTriton.

And strengthening the Creative capabilities of our clients teams are:

  • Michael Ploog as Senior Production Designer on AB InBev.
  • Jessica Bidne (right) as QC Specialist on AB InBev.
  • Sal Giametta as Finisher on Conagra Brands.
  • Andrea Hoyt as Copywriter on BlueTriton.
  • Marija Lazarevic as Copywriter on Bayer.

Meanwhile, internal support services across the agency have added:

  • Mel Woodington as Creative Production Manager/ Estimator in the Content Studio.
  • Brenda Ramirez (right) as Director on the New Business team.

Finally, strengthening our global presence is Ross Halliwell, who joins The Mars Agency UK as Vice President of Omnichannel Commerce with a focus on international markets.

The Mars Agency continues to look for the best talent to fill an ever-growing number of roles. Interested in joining? Current job openings can be found here.

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