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Enhanced Marilyn Platform Is Measuring ‘Total Business Impact’

17 Oct 2023

Mars United’s commerce marketing technology platform is helping brands improve media performance by 21%

Mars United Commerce has unveiled the latest generation of its Marilyn technology platform, which has been redesigned to give clients full visibility into the total business impact of their Commerce Marketing activities.

The measurement and data management methodologies available to commerce marketers have long been inconsistent in breadth, depth, and even taxonomy, making them woefully inadequate for optimizing investments across the retail landscape.

The upgraded Marilyn platform solves those issues by giving clients a clear, consistent view of Commerce Marketing’s impact on brand growth, moving measurement beyond campaign-specific performance metrics like ROAS, or even ROI, to evaluate the full financial contribution being made to the bottom line of their businesses. This system has the ability to measure and optimize campaign performance both in the U.S. and around the world.

And the impact has been impressive: After evaluating 20,000 campaigns, Mars United learned that clients who utilized Marilyn learnings to optimize  investments improved their Commerce Marketing performance by an average of 21% year-over-year.

“We’ve taken Marilyn’s industry-leading capabilities to an even higher level with new solutions that not only provide a complete understanding of performance, but also make it easier for clients to access the information they need,” said Jake Berry, Chief Marketing Officer of Mars United. “The results aren’t just changing the go-to-market strategies of our clients — they’re changing the perception of Commerce Marketing in their organizations.”

The refreshed Marilyn platform is driving “Total Business Impact” through four key solutions:

Data Management: Marilyn delivers the proverbial “single source of truth” for Commerce Marketing performance by aggregating and normalizing data from all of a company’s numerous sources. The platform saves clients countless hours of work by putting all necessary data at their fingertips while delivering the real-time transparency needed to make more informed, timelier decisions.

Measurement & Intelligence: Marilyn’s core offering is an unmatched ability to consistently pinpoint the incremental ROI and sales lift from Commerce Marketing by accurately segmenting out base sales, the effect of other marketing activities such as trade promotion and advertising, and other macroeconomic and environmental factors. The platform lets brands understand the Total Business Impact of their omnichannel programs at multiple levels, including retailer, program, and tactic.

Planning Optimization: This unrivaled transparency into performance eliminates ineffective and inefficient spending, thereby improving productivity and accuracy while increasing profitability. Clients are able to maximize their investments by shifting dollars to the brands with the greatest growth potential and the retailers, programs, and tactics that are best able to drive that growth.

Insight & Analytics Hub: Marilyn’s cutting-edge, user-friendly dashboards are designed to serve as “home base” for clients’ complete commerce marketing needs by providing a seamlessly integrated ecosystem for data analysis, media planning, and financial accounting that incorporates all required internal and external data sources.

“Brands can’t afford to rely on inconsistent, vendor-reported data, and they can’t be satisfied measuring their performance by ROAS,” said Berry. “They need a single ecosystem that will help them standardize results, measure the Total Business Impact  of their spend, and make smarter decisions. That’s exactly what we’ve designed the new Marilyn platform to do.”

About Marilyn®
The Marilyn Commerce Marketing technology platform, built by Mars United, is designed to give brands visibility into the Total Business Impact of their Commerce Marketing activities. Only Marilyn organizes multiple data sources into a single view, provides consistent measurement across different media investments and gives deeper insight into what’s working at the brand, retailer, program and tactic level. This insight allows brands to maximize investments and achieve a 21% improvement on average in Commerce Marketing performance. Learn more at

About Mars United Commerce
Mars United Commerce is an independently owned global commerce marketing practice that aligns people, technology, and intelligence to make the business of our clients better today than it was yesterday. Our worldwide capabilities coalesce into four key disciplines — Strategy & Analytics, Content & Experiences, Digital Commerce, and Retail Consultancy — that individually deliver unmatched results for clients and collectively give them an unparalleled network of seamlessly integrated functions across the entire commerce marketing ecosystem. These disciplines are powered by our industry-leading technology platform, Marilyn®, which helps marketers understand the total business impact of their commerce marketing activation, enabling them to make better decisions, create connected experiences, and drive stronger, measurable results. Learn more at

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