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Ecommerce Search Report: Mother’s Day 2024

20 May 2024

An exclusive review of search trends & brand performance on

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Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift on for that very special mom — whoever she was — involved a hunt for general ideas this year. The most common search terms by volume this year reflected shoppers looking for suggestions rather than seeking out specific products or categories. That led to brands ranging from iconic holiday staples (Hallmark) to unconventional but trendy solutions (LiqCool insulated drink tumblers) gaining a strong presence in seasonal search results.

While the list of most-popular search terms included a healthy dose of card shopping, it otherwise contained keyword representing variations on “mothers day gifts” that often sought ideas for specific types of moms (see page 12). The types of brands featured in organic share of voice and sponsorship activity all offer products themed for the holiday.

The following report uses data from Mars United Commerce’s Marilyn Ecommerce Insights Suite to examine key search trends during the 2024 Mother’s Day seasonal window, when the National Retail Federation expected U.S. consumers to spend $33.5 billion on gifts and holiday-related activity (down, incidentally, from the $35.7 billion spent in 2023). To schedule a free audit of your own brand’s performance, see page 23 of the report.

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