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Ecommerce Search Report: Easter 2024

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For marketers, the concept of “basket building” takes on an entirely different meaning during the Easter season as shoppers on search for the candy, toys and other items that can fill their holiday baskets.

In the weeks leading up to the March 31st Christian holiday, the three most common search terms used by shoppers focused on those basket-filling needs. As a result, first-page search results for the most common seasonal keywords were dominated by products from novelty toy brands and other items that could help shoppers fulfill that holiday mission. U.S. consumers were expected to spend $22.4 billion on Easter-related purchases this year, according to the National Retail Federation.

As is often the case, the brands topping the ranks for organic share of voice, sponsored activity and promotional activity during the period were largely lesser-known players with Amazon-heavy distribution strategies and eclectic product assortments that span numerous categories.

Foremost on those lists was the most ubiquitous brand you’ve possibly never even heard of: Joyin, which dominated both organic share of voice and sponsored activity — much like it did during the preceding Valentine’s Day shopping season.

The following report examines key search trends in the weeks leading up to Easter, a holiday celebrated by 81% of U.S. shoppers who this year planned to spend an average of $177 on candy, food, gifts and apparel for this year’s holiday, per the NRF. To schedule a free audit of your own brand’s performance, see the last page of this report.

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