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Where Business Partnerships Are Grounded in Data-Driven Decisions and Human Insights

Your Comprehensive
Strategic Partner

From long-term business strategy to campaign-level creative strategy to in-depth data analyses, our suite of services is designed to ensure that we don’t just fulfill briefs; we anticipate needs, set trends, and achieve goals. Our commitment to growth includes redefining changes as we respond to them.

Forward-Thinking Strategic Client Expertise

Our progressive, strategic approach helps our clients stay one step ahead. We collaborate closely with them to navigate their business landscapes, decode shopper behaviour, and anticipate future needs.

Commerce Insights & Trends

Our deep understanding of people, culture, and client objectives enables us to deliver strategies that really connect with consumers. We leverage the power of Marilyn® to transform the ordinary into strategic foresight for commerce excellence.

Shopper Acquisition, Retention, Loyalty, and Omnichannel Campaign Planning

Specialising in the art of shopper, our knowledge and strategies are crafted to unify your omnichannel campaigns and drive enduring market success.

Workshop Facilitation

From sparking innovation to streamlining annual planning, our workshops are designed to enable breakthrough thinking and strategic preparedness.

Retailer-First Strategy

Focused on a retailer-first methodology, we offer expert guidance in opportunity sizing, retailer sell-ins, joint business planning, product launch activation, strategic activation, and tailored campaign strategies.

Data Insights, Foresights, & Analysis

Turning data into a strategic asset, we provide insightful analysis and actionable recommendations that empower businesses to lead and innovate. The power of Marilyn enables us to fuel robust reporting and analysis.

Why Mars United Commerce

Strategy & Analytics?

We are the most trusted commerce company, with an established history of developing strategies that drive results.

Strategic business relationships

Data and analytics to drive business growth

Shopper journey-driven insights and ideas

Long-standing relationships and groundbreaking tech ensure our continued success.

Ratings and reviews

Trusted Partners

Our client tenure is above industry standards because we think further than the day-to-day to stay ahead of your business challenges.

Ratings and reviews

Scalable Solutions

100% of our clients engage with our Strategy & Analytics offerings, proof of our universal applicability and efficacy.

Ratings and reviews

Analytical Prowess

Marilyn is our strategic cornerstone, providing easy access to unlimited amounts of data that empower decisions and predictive planning across the spectrum.

Our premier commerce marketing technology platform is at the heart of everything we do. Marilyn is designed to ingest, connect, analyze and transform vast amounts of data into definitive strategic pathways and deliver insights that catalyze growth and inspire decisions.